Impact Modifier Series

  • CPE 135A


    CPE-135A is a high molecular polymer with a linear structure generated by the reaction of HDPE and chlorine. It is a special thermoplastic elastomer.

    The physical and chemical properties: good weather resistance, flame retardant, chemical resistance and ozone resistance, and its basic function is to improve the impact strength and weather resistance of PVC products. 







    * Superior Processibility
    * Superior weatherability
    * Superior flexibility and good low temperature impact strength
    * Good filler acceptance
    * Cost effective system



    Technical data





    PVC Pipe

    PVC Pipe fitting

    PVC Door/Window profile

    PVC Board/Panel

    PVC Sealing stripe




    Package & Storage













    25kg/bag PP bag with PE inner bag.

    It should be stored in cool and dry surroundings with shelf life of two years,

    it can be still used if qualified by inspection after shelf life. 




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