1. Before-sale service: 

We can guide customer to distinguish and identify the quality of product, provide the service of customer’s sample testing for free, and the training or communication with customer’s worker/technician on line or on site, in order to make the workers master the techniques for starting and closing molds, and solve the problems themselves during the production while not influence the normal and stable production.


2. After-sale service: 

From beginning to use our products, we’ll be responsible for the production adjusting, optimize the formula, improve the quality, and reduce the cost, which is the one-stop service.


3.  Technical team:

We have a strong technical power team, which has served and solved problems for more than 170 domestic and foreign customers, including 6 pipe and pipe fitting technical engineers, 3 PVC board technical engineers, with the average experience of more than 10 years. They have ever worked in the same industry in domestic production terminal as workshop director or technical director.


4. Guidance for factory set up: 

According to customer’s expectation of the market and demand, we could help plan and submit the design solution and arrange reasonable production plan.